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Curry Herefords will be offering cattle for sale by a fall online sale and private treaty throughout the year. Watch this page for our updated sale information. We invite you to contact us at anytime to discuss our current sale listings.
Curry Herefords 2017 Available Sale Cattle
Please contact us know with any questions about our current sale cattle.
CH Reba 7016 1    

Curry Herefords 2016 Online Sale

October 18, 2016. Hosted by Smart Auctions.

THANK YOU TO ALL BUYERS AND BIDDERS IN OUR SALE. We appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.
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Curry Herefords Online Heifer Sale
Wednesday, October 20, 2015 . Hosted by Smart Auctions.

THANK YOU TO ALL BUYERS AND BIDDERS IN OUR SALE, we appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.

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Past Sales
Curry Herefords Online Heifer Sale
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 . Hosted by Breedersworld.com.

CATTLE PREVIEW and open house
 - Saturday, October 18, 2014 at Curry Herefords Ranch.
498 Big Horn Rd. - McAlester, OK 74501. Dinner wil be served.

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KAGS Scholarship S44 ET x CH MS Cinnabonn 7010
DOB: 1/7/14
registration number: 43496630
A really big stout heifer to start the offering, sired by Vanderwork Herefords bull Scholarship. 
Scholarship has sired many champions in the past, this heifer S Dam never misses. 
Don't overlook this stout big ribbed heifer.

  Lot 2 - CH MISS 901 SYDNEY 4208 ET
BR Lansing 3060 x DM L1 Dominette 901
DOB: 1/28/14
registration number: 43504177
Genetics like this doesn't come up for sale very often. Half sib to Barbers Gaberielle, Sooner, and Terri, alll national champions.  The popular 901 cow is one of the best producing cows in the breed.  Sydney is super stout, thick, deep and sound.  Here is a guaranteed big time future donor prospect that could fit in anyones herd.  Retaining one flush at buyers convinence.

Lot 3 - CH MS REAGAN 403
NJW 98S R117 Ribeye 88X et x CH MS Reba 7016 et
DOB: 2/10/14
registration number: 43496296
Talk about a future donor, 403 has the pedigree and phenotype to qualify. Her sire 88X needs no introduction, he is one of the hottest bulls in the country. 88X semen not for sale. The dam of 403 is ever popular Reba cow that has produced so many good ones for us including the past show heifer of the year, CH JR Judy 0040, and our herd bull Bedlam. Great donor prospect

  Lot 4 - CH MAGGIE MAE 404
CH JR Bedlam 0047 et x CH MS Starla 4089 7050
DOB: 2/15/14
registration number: 43496300
Good functional heifer sired by Bedlam whose calves are very good with great consistency.  The Dam 7050 is a perfectly uttered cow that raised a district champion for Chance Elam and the Bolinger family last year.  We flushed 7050 this summer with great success. 
404 is a nice balanced heifer prospect that should be a great cow after her show career.

Lot 5 - CH MS ADVANCE 9144 4211
HH Advance 9144W x CH MS Legacy 0252 et
DOB: 3/2/14
registration number: 43504534
A super sweet really long fronted heifer, tight shouldered and pretty to look at.  Her sire was the top selling bull in Holdens 2010 bull sale.  The dams pedigree has the popular 0053 cows that raised our great donor Reba.  Awesome disposition.

  Lot 7 - CH MS BETTY 405
CH JR Bedlam 0047 et x CH Summers Gold 5064 et
DOB: 3/7/14
registration number: 43496303
One of the Curry's best prospects in the sale.  Sired by Bedlam who is going to become more popular in the future.  Her dam 5064 was a popular show heifer for Cameron who herself had great success in the show ring and an even better producing cow.  5064 grand dam is the mother of many popular bulls including HH Advance 026K used at Coylers and HH Advance 932J used at Holdens and Debters.  MS Betty is super long fronted, sound on the move, long spined with great rib shape.  She is one of the thickest heifers in our offering.  A full sister was purchased by GKB Cattle Co last fall.  Retaining one
successful flush at buyers convenience.

Lot 8 - CH MS 0090 DEE 407
CH JR Bedlam 0047 et x CH Miss Edde 0090 4et
DOB: 3/11/14
registration number: 43496308
Another long bodied pretty fronted heifer sired by Bedlam.  Dam 0090 was successfully flushed several times by GKB Cattle Co with great success.  This heifer was raised by her 14 year old mother who is still a good producer.  407 is very long bodied and super sound with a great profile.
  Lot 9 - CH MS ADDY 408
CH JR Bedlam 0047 et x CH Miss Addison 8176 et
DOB: 3/12/14
registration number: 43496307
Once again, another great heifer sired by Bedlam.  Super long bodied, big boned, big middle with a good look.  Her dam was flushed this summer and has an almost perfect utter.  The grand dam HH Miss Advance 365N has been a prolific donor at Holdens where her bulls have averaged $15,000 each.  The 365N cow is also the mother of HH Advance 8050 who was used heavily in Holdens and Hoffmans program. She should make
a great producer, super disposition.

Lot 12 - CH MS RAINBEAU 411
TH 22R 16S Lambeau 17Y x CH MS Reba 7016 et
DOB: 3/28/14
registration number: 43496686
One of my favorites in the sale.  411 is sired by the young bull Lambeau raised by Topp Herefords, which was his top seller.  We used him for his calving ease, we never imagined we would raise a great prospect like 411.  She is extrememly balanced with a promising future.  Her dam needs no introduction, CH MS Reba's calves never miss and 411 is no exception.  Retaining one successful flush.

  Lot 13 - CH MS RAYANN 413
TH 22R 16S Lambeau 17Y x CH MS Reba 7016 et
DOB: 3/30/14
registration number: 43496758
 A full sister to lot 12, a little behind when we picked her up but she is catching up fast.
  She has a great pedigree and a great disposition, red eyed nice heifer.  Her pedigree
speaks for itself, super low birth weight with adequate growth and milk EPD's.

Lot 14 - LED 1009 3062 KALANI 415 ET
Delhawk Kahuna 1009 et x C 026 Amber 3062
DOB: 4/9/14
registration number: 43500697
Quite possibly ambers best heifer since stormy! This kahuna daughter is thick, stout, and good! Her front one third is long and clean and blends well into her shoulder. She has a good amount of bone and a powerful hip. When you get behind this heifer you will see the muscling down her top and into her lower quarter. This heifer has the potential to do great things, but she is a little nervous i think an adult breeder or an older experienced junior showman should be able to handle her just fine.

  The Ladies of the Royal Sale - November 2, 2013
This Hereford Heifer was sold as Lot 8. Thank you to all buyers and bidders at the sale, and please let us know if you have any questions about out sale cattle.

Curry Herefords 2013 Online Heifer Sale
We wish to thank all of the buyers and bidders in our recent online sale. We appreciate your support, and wish you the best with your new purchases. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.

October 2013 Online Sale Buyers:

David Schrammel - Oklahoma Scott Duck - Curry Sale Gary & Kathy Buchholz - Texas Michael Arceneaux - Louisiana
Curtis Curry - Oklahoma Ashley Lerblance - Oklahoma Joe Dan Ledbetter - Texas Chloe Cox
Harold Gleason - Oklahoma Ashley Lerblance - Oklahoma Patti Barnett - Texas  
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Want more information? Thank you for visiting our site and learning more about our program. If we can assist you with learning more about our Hereford cattle please contact Curry Herefords at curryherefords@gmail.com.
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